Integral Multidecks

Integral multidecks have the full refrigeration system housed within the cabinet and eliminate the need for the installation of an external condenser. Integral chillers offer greater flexibility too as they can be moved to different locations within the store and can be positioned away from ways.

Capital are known for being an integral multideck specialist and at the forefront of the marketplace. Capital lead the way when it comes to environmentally friendly and energy efficient multidecks.

Key Features

Integral multidecks from Capital are packed with features such as adjustable shelving, shelf strengtheners, EPOS ticket strips, Perspex risers and canopy lighting.

In addition all integral multidecks from Capital feature slide out machinery trays which enable easy access to the refrigeration system for cleaning and servicing, eliminating the need for moving the equipment.

ECA Approval

The ECA Scheme allows business owners to claim back an Enhanced Capital Allowance of 100% in the first year on any approved product. Many of the Capital products have been ECA approved and buyers can benefit from this scheme.